Sharri Whiting

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Magazine Article
Italian Castles
Live like a royal the Italian way
American Academy and Sustainable Cuisine
Now the food is as good as the art.
The Tailors of Naples
A bespoke Italian suit -- no better souvenir of a stop in Naples.
The Simple Life
Farm holidays in Italy -- RX for the overstressed, overworked and overwhelmed.
Tuscan Dream
An entrepreneur dreams of owning a winery at home in Tuscany and makes it happen.
NICE: Where Cooks Become Chefs
Cooking well in the middle of nowhere.
The Splendors of Spoleto
Lucretia Borgia loved this Umbria hilltown.
Todi To Montefalco: La Strada di Mangiare Bene
Some of the Italy's best food is in Umbria
Miss Universe: On Top of the World for a Moment
International beauties vie for a ticket to fame, but what price glory?
Magazine in Italian
Travel News Namibia
Annual magazine for Italian travelers to Namibia